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Ace Amplification Colt


Ace Amplification

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  • 20W täislamp Class-A kitarrivõimendi pea
  • 2 kanalit: 1959 Plexi ja 800 Boost.
  • Volume ja Gain kontrollnupud igal kanalil.
  • Üldine 3-ribaline ekvalaiser.
  • 20W / 2W sisse ehitatud atenuaatoriga
  • Tuleb koos EL34 lampidega mida võib vahetada 6L6-te vastu.
  • No-Bias funktsioon lubab vahetada lampe ilma kalibreerimist tegemata
  • 1 sisend
  • Kõlari väljund: 1x8 Ohms või 1x16 Ohms.
  • Effect Loop.
  • Footswitch sisend (footswitch ei kuulu komplekti).
  • Ideaalne platvorm pedaalidele.
  • Mõõdud: 37 x 20 x 20 cm.
  • Käsitsi kokku pandud Kreekas

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899,00 €



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The Colt amp head from Ace Amplification is the boutique and dual channel alternative to the famous Plexi amps, in studio format. It offers the sonic variety of the '59 series with 4 inputs and the 800 series but at 20 Watts format, with the latest French knowledge in amp design, making it very easy to use. It is manufactured by Fx from Fx Amplification with high quality components sourced in Europe, ensuring an exceptional sound and reliability. With its 2 channels, it reinterprets these 2 series of amps with great fidelity. The Plexi channel is a typical drive of SLP pushed to become more precise like a 800 on the Boost channel. Each channel has its own Volume and Gain controls on the front panel in order to find the right balance without having to constantly move and adjust your amp. Its 20 Watts give you the necessary power to play on reasonable stages easily. Thanks to its built-in attenuator, it can go from 20 Watts to 2 Watts to play at home while keeping your tone with great low end and dynamic. The no-Bias feature allows to easily replace the EL34 tubes or swap them for 6L6's (for a more American sound) without the need to recalibrate the tubes. Lastly, its lunchbox format, light weight and sturdy design make for an amp that's very easy to carry.

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