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Allahinnatud! Pedaltrain Backpack for Nano and Nano+ Vaata suuremalt

Pedaltrain Backpack for Nano and Nano+



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Premium Soft Case / Hideaway Backpack for Pedaltrain Nano and Nano+.

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75,05 €


Enne 79,00 €

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  • Ultra-thick Padding
  • Water Resistant Fabric
  • Slow Draw Self-sealing Zippers
  • Two External Accessory Pouches

This case accommodates several board sizes (Nano, Nano+). Nano will have extra room for storage of cables, accessories, etc.  In either case, your Pedaltrain will be secure and protected.

Case is designed to accommodate unmodified Pedaltrain pedal boards. Modifications like large raised feet, large handles, protruding in/out panels, and various custom accessories may not fit in the case.

*CASE ONLY - pedal board and accessories not included!