Barefoot Buttons V1

Barefoot Buttons

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Barefoot Button nupp kinnitub sinu pedaali jalalüliti külge ja teeb sisse-välja lülitamise mugavamaks ja täpsemaks! Version 1 sobib kõige levinumale jalalüliti tüübile ehk 3PDT. Lihtne paigaldada, kinnitub lüliti külge kolme kruviga. Kaasas on ka kruvide keeramiseks kuuskantvõti. Saadaval erinevates värvides. Hind 1tk. kohta. 

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13,90 €

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You simply fit this attractive cap over any 3PDT on/off switches, making them easier and more controllable to perform with. If you play barefoot, it’s crucial for comfort, but even with shoes there are significant advantages to having these custom caps on pedals.

Born from a common problem, barefoot buttons are easy to install customization for all musicians that use pedals, from guitarist, bassist, keyboardists and so on. This inexpensive accessory will fit on most major switches and triggers for effects pedals that musicians use, increasing comfort and accuracy. For a modest price you can improve your favourite pedals and even your performance abilities.

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