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One Control Iguana is an extremely compact true bypass looper with three loops. Measurements 36,5 cm x 4 cm. Fits small or otherwise full pedalboards without taking a lot of space. Removes pedals from your signal chain when they are not in use. You can also make your life easier by connecting your favorite effect combinations to the Iguana's loops. Very bright LEDs.

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  • 5 True Bypass loops.
  • Mono input and output
  • Tuner Out
  • 9V DC Input: Connect your power supply to this input (power supply not included). Power for LEDs and 9V DC outputs (5 pcs). Power consumption about 50 mA. If you plan to power other pedals through Iguana's 9V DC outputs (which we do not recommend due to probable hum problems) it is recommended to use a 9V DC power supply with at least 200 mA power output. Iguana will give out as much power as you feed into it, minus the LED power consumption.


  • 5 footswitches for turning the loops on and off.
  • Tuner Out/Mute