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ZVEX valmistab efektipedaale ja võimendeid kitarride ja basskitarride jaoks. Zachary Vex on tuntud kui ''hull geenius'' kes toodab kõige veidrama kõlaga butiikefekte mis iial loodud.

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  • 219,00 € Poes saadaval

    Packed with knobs that let you control everything from tight, radically fuzzy sounds that gate off instantly when you stop playing, to intermodulating oscillations that fight for control of your guitar as your notes decay, to shortwave radio sounds, ripping velcro and octave-like fuzz. Now includes an on/off LED. Powered by 9V battery or power supply (not...

    219,00 €
    Poes saadaval
Näitame 1 - 1 kokku 1 tootest