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JHS Super Bolt V2


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The JHS SuperBolt overdrive pedal, at its heart, is a discreet circuit designed to emulate the tone and character of the 1960’s-era Supro® amps. From its touch-sensitivity to the way the pedal sags with tube rectifier color at higher gain settings, the SuperBolt will give any guitar rig a versatile and useful new set of tones, reminiscent of some of the greatest sounds ever recorded.

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229,00 €

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  • overdrive effects pedal
  • discreet overdrive circuit in the style of old Supro amps
  • 2 gain settings
  • very touch sensitive
  • internal 9-18 V converter circuit for increased headroom
  • true bypass
  • compatible with JHS Red Remote
  • controls for Volume, Drive and Tone
  • toggle switch for selecting between gain settings
  • bypass footswitch
  • status LED
  • metal housing
  • 6.3 mm mono IN/OUT jacks
  • 6.3 mm TS remote footswitch jack (for using with JHS Red Remote)
  • power supply via optional 9V DC adapter 2.1 mm x 5.5 mm barrel plug, polarity (-) center
  • battery operation not supported
  • current draw less than 100 mA
  • dimensions (L x W x H) 130 x 70 x 60 mm 
  • weight 260 g
  • made in USA
  • 4 Years W-Music Distribution Warranty (product registration required)