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The Savage, a reissue of the legendary and compelling Klon Centaur! Always so warm and powerful, we have chosen to keep this vintage electronic structure to maximize tone and dynamics.

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199,00 €

Rohkem infot


External settings:

  • Gain, to blend saturated and clean sound & make the overdrive saturate even more.
  • Tone, for a real tone and not a treble booster.
  • Out, to supply more than 25dB because of the low output impedence of the circuit.

Internal settings:

  • Voicing, to set the tone of the overdrive stage.
  • OD_bass, for more bass on the overdrive stage.
  • EQ, for a tone instead of a treble in the standard Centaur.
  • Clipping, for a vintage or a modern sound.


  • Weight 40 g
  • Circuits High quality OPA for pure tone, transparent processing.
  • Switch Gold plated true bypass switch
  • Alimentation Integrated power supply noise filter. External 9V power supply not included.
  • Bois Mahogany plate laser engraved
  • Logo Plexiglass-mirror pampile laser engraved. The logo illuminates when the effect is activated