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Meris 500 Series 440 Mic Preamp

MR 500S 440 MIC PRE


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Terry Burton, founder of Meris wanted a way to interface pedals in the pro audio world. A 500 series unit was the highest quality way to do it. From the legendary Cinemag input and output transformers to the high performance hybrid-discrete opamps, the Meris engineers carefully made every design decision with the highest sonic performance in mind. 

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The 440 features all analogue circuitry with Cinemag™ transformers and an ingenious effects loop which allows the use of guitar pedals to effect anything you put a mic in front of, be it vocals, acoustic instruments or guitar cabs. The 440 was simply designed as the ultimate mic preamp for recording guitar. Install a 440 mic pre into any 500 series lunchbox compatible chassis and connect your post effects pedals to the loop. Wield the legendary tone and integrate post effects pedals into your signal chain with ease. Your guitar & amp will love it.


  • 500 series preamp module
  • mic preamp for recording guitar
  • up to 60 dB of gain at input section
  • -27 dB to +12 dB output trim 
  • post effects loop
  • selectable high-pass filter (80 Hz/200 Hz) 
  • selectable high-shelf filter (7 kHz/4 kHz)
  • 20 Hz to 2kHz flat frequency response (all filters disengaged)
  • 100 % analog signal path
  • controls for Gain and Output
  • -20 dB pad toggle switch for high input signals
  • Phase toggle switch for inverting signal phase
  • +48V toggle switch for enabling phantom power 
  • high-shelf toggle switch for selecting the high-shelf filter frequency
  • high-pass toggle switch for selecting the high-pass filter frequency
  • status LED for +48V phantom power operation
  • metal housing
  • 2 x front-mounted 6.3 mm mono (Send/Return) jacks
  • Return jack usable as DI input (post filters, pad and phase inversion)
  • for installation in 500 series rack / lunchbox module
  • made in USA
  • 4 Years W-Music Distribution Warranty (product registration required)