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JHS Pulp N Peel 500 Vaata suuremalt

JHS Pulp N Peel 500


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The Pulp N Peel 500 is the most unique compressor that you will find in the 500 market. Designed to breathe new life into instruments, drums, and vocals, the PNP 500 is a creative tool that you will reach for again and again. With a true internal mic pre utilizing the THAT 1512 and output section using the THAT 1646 there is no lack of true studio power inside.

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925,00 €

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  • 500 series overdrive effects rack unit
  • Eurorack version of the JHS Pulp N Peel
  • analog
  • controls for Pre Vol, Master, Distortion, Compression EQ and Mix
  • Engage toggle switch for activating the parallel distortion circuit
  • Pad toggle switch for engaging -20 dB pad
  • Line/Mic toggle switch for selecting between line and microphone input level
  • +48 toggle switch for engaging phantom power
  • Bypass toggle switch for engaging or bypassing the effects unit
  • 6.3 mm mono Instrument input jack 
  • for installation in 500 series rack / lunchbox module
  • 4 Years W-Music Distribution Warranty (product registration required)