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Loud says it all. The STEAMPUNK can be LOUD or not! But it retains a very musical almost hi-fi quality in its top end. Turn any guitar into a glassy bell like sound without even adding boost. The STEAMPUNK also has a built in high quality buffer that is internal and selectable with a slide switch (No cheap dip switches). The beauty is that the buffer will work regardless of the boost being engaged or not. THE STEAMPUNK is an excellent acoustic guitar preamp, microphone preamp (with proper adaptors) or really anything you can throw at it! Harmonica, Bass, Ukulele, Banjo….you choose!

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135,00 €

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  • Volume: controls the volume level
  • Buffer: internally selectable buffer (works regardless of the boost section) with green LED displaying whether it’is on or off


  • Top-mounted input/output jacks
  • 9V DC operation with standard PSU only (- tip and + sleeve)
  • Dimensions: 90 x 45 x 32 mm
  • Weight: 0,350 Kg
  • True Bypass