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Seymour Duncan Blackened Black Winter Humbucker Set


Seymour Duncan


  • Humbucker pickup for electric guitars
  • High-output pickup created for extreme metal
  • Aggressive voicing with focused low end
  • Dual rows of black hex screws pole pieces
  • Dual coil
  • Ceramic magnet
  • Passive design
  • DC resistance 16.6 kOhms
  • 4 conductor cable
  • High output
  • Matte black finish with black logo

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1-2 months order time

265,00 €

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Pickup typePassive

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The Seymour Duncan Blackened Black Winter pickup is a savagely high-output passive humbucker built for extreme metal, with no less than three large ceramic magnets to ensure maximum output and sustain in all high-gain situations. The custom overwound coil design delivers incredible clarity in the mids and highs, while the low end stays controlled and focused. The Blackened Black Winter is designed to handle any tuning, no matter how low you go, and its voicing facilitates aggressive palm mutes, fluid sweep picking, and punishing lead tones. Crushing distortion, vicious mids, and aggressive saturation are at your fingertips, without sacrificing string-to-string separation or sensitivity. The Blackened version provides exactly the same sound as the standard version, but features matte finish bobbins, dual rows of black hex screws, black logo and a black bottom plate.

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