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T-Rex ApS is a manufacturer of handmade electric guitar effects pedals.
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    Voltage selector, 115/230 volts, 5 x 9VDC isolated outputs (120 mA each)

    99,00 € Before 109,00 €
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    Chorus and flanger in one pedal, Warm vintage-sounding chorus or modern chorus, Wide tonal range, Tone control, Stereo output. Near mint condition with original box. 

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  • 89,00 €

    Twin Boost is logical and simple to set up and use on stage. The pedal features two identical channels of boost – each with its own ON-OFF switch. Hit the left switch and you’ll turn on the left channel. Step on the right switch and you’ll toggle from the left to the right channel. Whichever channel you’re on, hit the switch again to turn the pedal off....

    89,00 €
  • 99,00 €

    The T-Rex Creamer reverb pedal lets players add lush reverbs to their sound, with a pedal that is extremely easy to use. The Creamer boasts settings for room, spring, and hall reverbs that can be accessed with the flip of a switch, and each sound can be dialed in with Reverb, Decay, and Tone controls. A 100% analog dry signal is maintained throughout the...

    99,00 €
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items