Musician Sound Design Earth Quake USED



Wah-wah device for bass and synthesiser. The very first such effect designed to function deep into the bass. A frequency range that extends as low as 41Hz offers a raft of sound possibilities especially optimised for the "low end". The result is mean, monster bass. It features the Earth and Quake selectors as well as fine-tuning possibilities. In the Modern mode, the effect signal can be mixed with the original to maintain a powerful bass presence that´s worth its weight in gold. The Classic mode opens whole new dimensions of sound for the bass guitar. 

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215,00 €

-34,00 €

Before 249,00 €

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  • Stainless Steel Chassis 
  • Metal Pots and Switches 
  • Electronic True Bypass Switch 
  • Two paralell outputs for easy operation..tuner.. 
  • 9 VDC Jack 
  • Easy-access battery compartment 
  • Technical Specifications: 
  • Power supply: 6 - 18 V DC normally 9 V DC. 
  • Power consumption: 2,7 mA. 
  • Weight 1,8 KG 
  • Dimensions: B 13,0 x T 24,5 x H 5,7cm 

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