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Classic sound of the most sought-after rotatary speaker system, Control of rotor speed, horn level, acceleration time, microphone distance, tube drive, saturation and volume level, Accurate reproduction of LF bass rotor, rotating treble horn, tube-driven amplifier, mic placement, and all the complex sonic interactions between these elements, High impedance mono input, stereo output, Ultra low noise, high performance 24-bit 96kHz A/D and D/A converters, 110dB typical SNR and 32-bit floating pt processing

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  • Hand crafted rotary algorithms faithfully deliver the signature, three-dimensional rotating speaker experience
  • Extensive control over rotating speaker mechanics and configuration
  • Four rotary adjustment and tone shaping knobs:
    Fast Rotor Speed, Preamp Drive, Mic Distance, Horn Level.
  • Four “hidden” knobs for extensive tone tweaking:
    Slow Rotor Speed, Cab Direction, Acceleration Time, +/- 6dB Boost/Cut.
  • Instantly alternate between a fast and slow rotor speed with the Fast/Slow footswitch
  • Selectable Cab Filter allows for an optimal experience in front of guitar amplifiers and full range systems