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Chase Bliss Blooper gives you a high-quality looper with very versatile loop manipulation options in a compact package.You can edit the loops after recording them and take them to new and surprising directions. Other features include loop saving, eight levels of undo/redo and external MIDI sync. In the creative side you will get two channels of modifiers, lo-fi Stability control and three different looping styles.

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Delivery time 1-2 weeks

565,00 €

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  • 40 seconds max loop time (48kHz, 16 bit) with ultra-low-noise hardware / XMOS DSP processor, 32 save-able presets and full undo / redo capability
  • 8 layers of undo / redo, unlimited overdubs (oldest layer gets discarded after 8)
  • Layers knob to navigate through undo / redo layers
  • 6 loop modifiers (quantized & free time/speed changes, scrambler, trimmer, filter and dropper) available over 2 independent channels 
  • Normal, additive (effects get recorded), and one-shot sampling modes 
  • Full midi implementation via 1/4" TRS
  • Repeats knob for fading loops or to use blooper like a tap-tempo delay
  • CV clock sync and modulation control
  • Stability control introducing optional tape and warble effects to loop.
  • Chase Bliss ramping control (including randomization and ability to sync to loop time)
  • Expression control over any parameter either individually or simultaneously
  • Dip-switches for customizing behavior: dry kill, straight to overdub, etc.