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Analog-voiced digital delay pedal with a variable waveshape LFO hitting the repeated signal for a world of warm modulated echo tones. So if you’re a fan of  murky-sounding oil can delays or warbly old-school tape echo machines, the Space Spiral is totally going to tickle your tone bone.

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239,00 €

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•   Analog-voiced digital delay - 30ms - 600ms of delay time

•   Variable waveshape LFO - For a world of modulated delay tones

•   Dark, dreamy, murky delay sounds reminiscent of vintage oil and tape units

•   True bypass - Silent soft-touch switching

•   Analog dry-through

•   Top-mounted jacks - for effortless pedalboard implementation

  • This device features Flexi-Switch™ Technology! This relay-based, true bypass switching style allows you to simultaneously use momentary and latching style switching.

If you’re looking for crisp and clean delays, then you’ve come to the wrong echo party. Even though the Space Spiral is based on digital technology, its sounds hark back to a time where echoes moved, swayed and danced upon every note. A time where echoes were truly alive!
Its 30ms-600ms of delay time delivers everything from fast and punchy slaps to dark and dreamy ambience. While the super-versatile modulation section lets you sculpt your wave to perfection via the Depth, Shape and Rate controls, seeing you easily recreate classic tape-like flutters, oil-drum spins as well as never heard before modulated madness.
The Space Spiral has a fully analog dry signal path, fully digital wet path and electronic relay based true-bypass switching. It is powered by a standard 9-volt DC power supply with a 2.1mm negative center barrel and has a current draw of 70ma. Each Space Spiral is built by the hands of cadets on the red line overload through the starry skies of Akron, Ohio, USA.