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Like new only USB cable missing. Used for demo.  

Versatility, empowerment, limitless options, and ever-demanding tools at the disposal of every musician and composer are today on demand. A call for inventive devices continues to make musicians more inspired, clever and connected. Darkglass took their Alpha Omega, and with relentless efforts added all the learned engineering to it. Placing the iconic distortion circuit into a new paradigm enables a range of possibilities that were never before available.

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Audio inputs

  • Instrument (1/4” mono)
  • Aux in (1/8” stereo)

Audio outputs

  • Two Balanced 1/4” (Left & Right)
  • XLR
  • Headphone out (1/8“ stereo)

Other I/O

  • USB-C (Audio interface and added control via Darkglass
  • MIDI IN (1/8”)
  • 9VDC input (center negative 2.1/5.5 mm)
  • Bluetooth (Bluetooth audio in and added control via Darkglass Suite mobile app)


  • 5 potentiometers
  • Compression · Drive · Alpha·Omega Distortion · Blend · Level
  • 6-band graphic equalizer (touch sensitive sliders)
  • 3 multi-function switches (push/rotate)
    Α (Alpha) / Compressor mode (5 modes + bypass)
    Β (Beta) / Distortion mode (5 modes + bypass)
    Γ (Gamma) / Cabinet simulation (5 Impulse Responses +
  • Headphone volume (mini potentiometer)

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