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    • 79,00 € In Stock

      Housed in a smaller enclosure than the Metal Muff and with simplified controls the Micro Metal Muff delivers the same aggressive metal drive that made its big brother famous.

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    • 95,00 € In Stock

      Legendary distortion/overdrive pedal. distortion, filter and volume controls. Optional power supply

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    • 89,00 € In Stock

      The cult classic Green Russian Big Muff first shook the ground in the mid-1990s. Since then it has been heralded by guitarists and bassists for its devastating low-end and unique sludge and sizzle. The Green Russian Big Muff creates a huge tone that is all its own, but is undeniably Big Muff.

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    • 64,00 € In Stock

      The little brother of the Metal Muff family takes the most powerful features and packs them into a slick die-cast box. Carefully selected mid frequencies are switch-selectable, offering powerful musical scoops. Heavy Metal fire power with slag simplicity.

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    • 135,00 € In Stock

      Delivers all the classic sounds of the original NYC Big Muff Pi, plus extra features. Foot-switchable MIDS Section helps you cut through when recording or playing live. MIDS section features four controls so you can fine tune your midrange boost or cut. Noise gate with adjustable Gate control eliminates noise and hum while preserving your attack and...

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    • 104,00 € In Stock

      Ultimate metal distortion pedal. Three powerful EQ bands sculpt the mids and 6 controls shape the sound precisely for your groove from slithering mercury to lead belly blast furnace dross. Its unique Top Boost adds serious bite with its own control knob and footswitch so you can kick it on for searing leads.

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    • 205,00 € In Stock

      Custom-tuned Rangemaster-based booster combined with the pre-amp section of a Laney Supergroup, transform any guitar rig into a rig of doom with the Sabbra Cadabra, controls: range, gain, presence, and volume. This is Sabbath in a box. Carefully voiced together to get the riffs of doom that Tony Iommi is know

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    • 99,00 € In Stock

      Analog Distortion Pedal, Germanium-powered, soft-clipped distortion. Classic 70s distortion. The tone that made Randy Rhoads famous, Made in USA

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    • 249,00 € In Stock

      Eddie Van Halen signature pedal based on legendary 5150 amplifier sounds. Controls for output, bass, mids, treble, gain, and an activatable gate control. Solid metal housing, Status LED

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    • 289,00 € In Stock

      Overdrive, controls for: Boost, Volume, Tone, Gain A and Gain B, mini toggle for Normal/Bright, mini toggle for Buffer on/off, 6 Voice-settings, 5 Bandwidth-settings.

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    • 239,00 € In Stock

      Extremely versatile high gain overdrive that serves up the full range of gain from transparent boost to heavy saturation, and all points in between. Unlike all our other overdrives, the Talons was not designed to emulate any specific sound or era.

      239,00 €
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    • 169,00 € In Stock

      High-gain distortion pedal, which was modelled after the 80s style compressed gain sounds. It is extremely easy and lot of fun to play, because its texture is adjusted to give clarity and definition also at heavy distortion.

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    • 359,00 € In Stock

      Custom shop preamp pedal, controls: volume, frequency, Q, mid, gain, bottom & top, features: with fully parametric mid controls, regular and CabSim output, clean boost function & highly transparent buffered bypass. Made in UK. 

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    • 29,00 € In Stock

      Loads of midrange and high-frequency output will take your metal tone to wicked new levels. Unleash harmonic squeals and massive amounts of sustain with ease. Level, Tone, and Gain knobs provide simple yet effective control.

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    • 239,00 € In Stock

      This Box of Rock simulates Zachary’s favorite amp turned up all the way, a 1966 Marshall JTM45. The tone control adjusts brightness and there’s a high-headroom low-noise boost.

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    • 229,00 € In Stock

      Mean, heavy, have no mercy distortion pedal. Inspired by the brutal, heavy tones found in classic metal and 90's shoegaze bands, Walrus Audio has designed a new high gain distortion that is capable of achieving aggressive, pounding, thick tone that will appeal to everyone from skate punks, to heavy hearted chord spillers, to the Swedish Death Metal...

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    • 119,00 € In Stock

      The EF103 Guitar Disruptor is a hybrid overdrive/octave/oscillation pedal. Sit back as your guitar signal is massaged and manipulated by copious amounts of digital mayhem. This unit can be powered by 9V battery or with standard Boss-style 9V regulated power supply (not included).

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    • 139,00 € In Stock

      The catastrophic end of guitar. Go from heavily gated distortion to odd glissando that sounds like a mad Thereminist is playing along with you. Let your guitar ride with the Valkyrie.

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    • 339,00 € In Stock

      Sunset gives you the best of the best classic overdrive circuits, custom voiced for instantly gratifying control over a huge range of sought-after tones. We studied six circuit types found in many truly timeless and iconic overdrive and boost pedals, and put our takes on all six of them into a single two-channel unit.

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    • 159,00 €

      Distortion/overdrive pedal. Built to bring you an accurate emulation of the Eddie Van Halen "brown sound". Tone, contour, volume, and gain control dials. Modern/vintage setting toggle switch. Dynamic EQ control. Bright easy-to-read LEDs. Foot-switchable boost for added gain. Choice film capacitors and resistors for pristine signal path. True bypass...

      159,00 €
    • 149,00 € In Stock

      “Miesnieks” is true-bypass, analog, handmade distortion/overdrive pedal made by Jānis Altmanis from Birzgale, Latvia. Originally designed for guitar but will work great with bass guitar and other signal source too. “Miesnieks” in translation from latvian language means “Butcher”. Why? Because this effect sounds beefy and heavy but at the same time It is...

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    • 149,00 €

      This distortion pedal serves up all genres of ROCK with cut and aggression, but retains the signature warmth and organic sonic quality found in all Mesa amps. While its main strengths lie in higher-gain sounds, it is quite versatile and it’s lower gain options shouldn’t be overlooked for classic rock or howling blues. Features a unique MID CUT that scoops...

      149,00 €
    • 59,00 € Before 65,00 €

      The OS-2 gives players a choice of overdrive or distortion or lets them combine both--all in a single compact pedal. Its distortion maintains the subtle nuances of single-coil guitar pickups. Level, Tone, Drive, and Color controls offer plenty of tweakability. Good condition, without original box and power supply. Sale of used pedals only in our retail...

      59,00 € Before 65,00 €
    • 119,00 €

      Keeley's many modifications take the classic Boss distortion pedal to a full metal jacket sound. Every component changed or added is of the highest-quality. Metal film resistors are used for a low noise floor. The modded DS-1 has a lower noise level than the stock pedal. Metal film and poly capacitors are used in the coupling sections to provide the true...

      119,00 €
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